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Restoring your foot health so you can stay on the move.

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About on the Move Podiatry

Our main office is stationary and located in Shippensburg, but we are also capable of providing mobile services. If you are in need of a house call appointment please call to see if that is an option in your area.

Both offices are equipped with all your podiatric needs including a state of the art x-ray machine and ultrasound. We also have the ability to perform minimally invasive surgery.

What makes us unique?

We provide alternative, holistic care with our goal of treating the root cause of your foot pain or deformity. We do not cover up symptoms with medications. We address the main issue, thus focusing on optimizing your foot function and getting you back to normal day life as quickly as possible. We provide many alternative services that are not available anywhere else in this region. These unique treatments are typically not offered by large hospital and health networks because insurance companies do not reimburse for them (things like amniotic stem cell injections, injections for nerve pain, permanent removal of corns,  laser treatment for fungal toenails, non-surgical repair of ingrown toenails, toenail reconstruction, fitting and dispensing of shoes).  If you do need surgery, we offer many forms of minimally invasive surgery (MIS) that can often times be done in the office. 

We do not accept insurance, which seems inconvenient. However, it actually allows us to provide higher quality care. We are not restricted by the harsh rules and regulations that third party insurance companies place on physicians. This makes the entire patient appointment experience simpler for you and us. It allows us to focus on you as an individual and spend more time with you. No need to rush you in and rush you out. You see the same provider at every appointment. There are no insurance referrals, copays, deductibles, prior authorizations needed. Pricing is made very clear up front so there are no surprise bills.

Restoring your foot health so you can stay on the move.

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Meet Dr. Stouder

Dr. Melody Stouder is board certified in foot, rearfoot, and ankle surgery by the American Board of Foot and Ankle Surgery. Dr. Stouder was raised in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania and went on to obtain her Bachelor of Science degree from Shippensburg University in 2010. She then graduated as salutatorian from Temple University School of Podiatric Medicine in 2014. She completed her reconstructive foot and ankle surgical residency at St. Luke’s University Health Network in Allentown, PA. 

She has received extensive training in wound care, limb salvage, diabetic foot care, biomechanics, treatment of foot and ankle injuries and pain, as well as surgery of the foot and ankle. Surgical procedures include : treatment of joint arthritis, tendon and ligament repairs, correction of flat foot, bunions, hammertoes, heel spurs, plantar fasciitis. Some of these procedures can be performed with minimal incisions.

She returned to southcentral PA in 2017 to treat patients in her hometown and be close to her family. In her free time, Dr. Stouder enjoys outdoor activities with her husband and two sons.


Dr. Melody Stouder